The Team

The Purpose

In today's battery-centric world, lithium-ion dominates the marketplace with billions and billions of cells sold every year.

However, as applications continue to demand more and more energy from their batteries, a way to safely increase energy density has so far proven to be difficult. At Elegus Technologies, we are commercializing a lithium-ion battery separator that allows battery manufacturers to increase their energy density without compromising safety.

Plastic separators (polyethylenes, polypropylenes) have long been the incumbent technology inside lithium-ion batteries. However, as battery manufacturers are looking to increase the energy densities of their cells, separator solutions beyond traditional plastics are required. Heat and safety issues, most recently with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart- phone, are still prevalent in lithium-ion batteries. And as batteries are being designed for longer life in consumer electronics and greater range in electric vehicles, these issues will only be exacerbated.

The Elegus separator enjoys improved thermal stability and performance benefits when compared to standard plastic separators. Moreover, the versatility of the Elegus separator technology can allow for greater flexibility for the cell manufacturer. This is because the Elegus separator is being developed as a drop-in, free-standing separator roll as well as a direct-coated option (wherein the separator can be directly coated onto an existing polyolefin separator, or even the electrode itself).