The Team

The Purpose

In today's battery-centric world, lithium-ion dominates the marketplace with billions and billions of cells sold every year.

However, as applications continue to demand more and more energy from their batteries, a way to safely increase energy density has so far proven to be difficult. At Elegus Technologies, we are commercializing a lithium-ion battery separator that allows battery manufacturers to increase their energy density without compromising safety.

With technology stemming from multi-year, multi-million dollar research at the University of Michigan, we believe our separator is capable enough to solve the problems stemming from dendrite growth and thinness constraints.

As the battery landscape continues to change, and next-generation materials continue their evolution, we believe our separator material will continue solving the problems facing multiple chemistries and applications. We at Elegus pride ourselves on the values of innovation and creativity that helped originally bring this product from the lab to commercial viability, and were excited to provide high-performance separators for the battery challenges of today and beyond.